Transcript of Video: Vermont Legal Aid’s Client Assistance Program (CAP)

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NARRATOR: The Client Assistance Program, also known as CAP, is a federally funded program which helps people with disabilities understand and use vocational rehabilitation, or VR services, and independent living, or IL services.

There are many services and resources that are available to people with disabilities. But not everyone knows about them or how to use them.

Navigating through IL and VR services can be overwhelming. That's why CAP was established by the 1984 amendment to the Rehabilitation Act.

Having CAP available means that if you have questions about the VR or IL services you are receiving, or disagree with something that is happening, you can speak about it confidentially with an advocate.

Through this program, advocates help people understand their rights and clarify what works best for their individual situation. CAP connects the dots.

Services offered by CAP can be broken down into three categories: advising, advocacy, and referral. The main role of the CAP advocate is to answer your questions.

You may wonder if your VR or IL plan should include certain services, or which regulations apply to you. A CAP advocate can provide clarification on these topics and more so that you can make the best decisions.

You can also contact CAP if there is a complication related to your career plan. For example, if you feel like you were unfairly denied a service, an advocate can explain why a certain decision was made, or advocate for resolution on your behalf.

CAP doesn't just help individuals resolve problems with their specific cases, they also work to address barriers in the overall VR and IL systems for the benefit of all people.

Finally, if there is a problem that CAP can't help you with, they can refer you to other organizations or agencies.

CAP services are free and confidential, and are offered in every US state and territory.

In Vermont visit or call 1-800-889-2047.

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Updated: Jun 10, 2021