Green Mountain Care Board Considers 2021 Health Insurance Premium Increases

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Updated 7/10/2020

The Green Mountain Care Board is now considering whether to raise health insurance premium prices for individual and small employer plans. These include Vermont Health Connect plans. These plans cover nearly 75,000 Vermonters.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont asked to raise next year’s premium prices by 6.3%, on average. MVP Health Care asked to raise premium prices by 7.3%, on average. The price increases vary by plan.

The Green Mountain Care Board must consider public comments when deciding the 2021 premium prices. You can tell the board what you think of the proposed prices. Visit to submit a public comment to the board.

The Green Mountain Care Board is also holding a public hearing on July 21 from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. This public hearing is a chance for you to speak directly to the Green Mountain Care Board, and tell them your opinion on the proposed increases.

How to join the public hearing on July 21:

The public comment period for these plans ends on July 23, 2020.

Last year, more than 900 Vermonters submitted public comments for the Vermont Health Connect premium review process. The Green Mountain Care Board referred to these comments in their decision.

Vermonters with premium subsidies may pay more or less next year. For these Vermonters, changes to how much they have to pay are mostly based on income, family size and which plan they choose during the next open enrollment.

If you have questions about your health insurance, health care access, or about how you can give a public comment, contact the Office of the Health Care Advocate at 1-800-917-7787.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020