Request for Information Letter for Mortgage Assistance

Before you can get mortgage assistance payments through the Vermont COVID Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program, VHFA will need to talk to your mortgage servicer about your mortgage debt. You can help make sure that VHFA has the right contact information by calling your servicer and asking for the name and telephone number of the person VHFA should call about your mortgage. You can also send a Request for Information letter to your loan servicer, asking for contact information and giving your loan servicer permission to call VHFA directly to talk about your mortgage. Use our sample Request for Information letter, below. Use this text or use the Word document below the text.

Date: [Write the date]


[Write name of your mortgage servicer]

[Write address of your mortgage servicer. Make sure you use the address specifically for: Qualified Written Requests (QWRs); Requests for Information (RFIs); and/or Notices of Error (NOEs) found on your mortgage statement or on the servicer’s website.]


[Write your full name]

[Write your street address]

[Write your city, state, and zip code]

RE: Request for Information

Mortgage Loan Number: [Write your loan number]

I am writing to request the information described below in regard to the mortgage on my property at [Write your home address].

I am having trouble making my mortgage payments due to a COVID-related hardship. I have applied for mortgage payment assistance through the Vermont COVID Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program. In order for me to qualify for a grant of mortgage payments paid directly to you on my behalf, Vermont Housing Finance Agency must make contact with you.

Please provide me with the following information regarding the best person for Vermont Housing Finance Agency to contact about my mortgage account:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Telephone number
  • Email address, and
  • Best times to make telephone contact.

I also give you permission to contact Vermont Housing Finance Agency directly at 1-888-714-2260 or to discuss my mortgage account and application for mortgage assistance payments. All applications for mortgage assistance must be completed soon, so time is of the essence.

If you need to contact me to discuss this request, I can be reached at [Write the best contact information, which may be your home address, work or mobile phone, or email address.]

I hope you will respond as soon as possible so that I can get mortgage assistance payments to help me get caught up on my payments. At the very least, I look forward to hearing from you in no more than 30 business days as required by law. Thank you. 


[Sign your name]

[Write your name, co-borrower’s name]


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Updated: Apr 30, 2021