Don’t Miss Out on This Money!: The Property Tax Credit and the Renter Rebate 

Photo of a house key and keychain

Do you rent?  

If you rent, apply for Vermont’s Renter Rebate tax credit. First check the requirements, which include being a Vermont resident for all of 2020 and renting in Vermont for all 12 months – even if you moved and even if you did not pay all your rent. You can also be eligible if you own a home and sell it before April 1 and then rent for the rest of the year. The rebates go to Vermonters with household incomes of $47,000 or less. 

October 15 is the final deadline for a Renter Rebate Claim.

Do you own your home?  

If your household income was less than $138,500 last year and you meet certain residency requirements, the State of Vermont can help pay your property taxes. You could be eligible for up to $8,000 of Property Tax Credit.  

File for the Property Tax Credit when you file your income taxes. If you don’t file income taxes, you may still qualify for the credit. The deadline to file without a penalty is May 17.

Updated: Oct 04, 2021