Disability - Request for Reasonable Accommodations or Modifications in Your Housing

When a person’s disabilities prevent them from using or enjoying their housing in the same way as people without disabilities, they can ask for reasonable changes in their housing. This letter template can be filled out and sent to the landlord. Or you can use it as a model to write your own letter. You should keep a copy of the letter that you send. Learn more on this page of our website.

Use this text or the PDF, below.


(Print your name)
(Your address)
(City, state, zip code)
(Your telephone #)

(Today’s date)

(Write your landlord or property manager’s name)
(Your landlord’s mailing address)
(Your landlord’s city, state, zip code)

To Whom It May Concern:

I have a disability.  I need a reasonable accommodation or modification because of my disability.

I need:



Please let me know what you decide within 10 days.


(Sign your name)
(Print your name)


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Updated: Jul 23, 2019