What to Know About the July 15 Tax Filing Deadline

The tax filing deadline is right around the corner — on July 15! Here are 3 things to know about the filing deadline.

  1. Most volunteer tax preparation sites run by organizations like CVOEO, AARP and United Way, are not taking in-person meetings at this time due to the coronavirus.
  2. But, if your income is $69,000 or less, you can save time and money by using one of the Free File tax prep products offered on the Internal Revenue Service website. Free File lets you do your federal tax returns either using helpful, brand-name software or online fillable forms. Free File is for federal returns, but most companies also offer state tax return preparation. Some offer state return preparation for free. 
  3. If you can’t make the deadline, file an extension with the IRS and the State of Vermont instead. But keep this in mind: If you will file a tax return that shows you owe tax, you will pay penalties and interest from the July 15 deadline.

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Updated: Jul 02, 2020