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Beware of Fake IRS Emails, Phone Calls & Texts

February 24, 2014

Tax scams that use email, phone calls, texts or contact through social media that seem to come from the IRS are common these days. These scams often use the IRS name and logo or fake websites that look real.

These scammers want you to give them your personal and financial information. The crooks then use this information to steal your identity or your money.

Remember that the IRS will not contact you to ask for personal information by phone or email.

Special Notice for Vermont Property Owners

All Vermont residents who own and occupy their home on April 1 must once again file the Homestead Declaration annually by the due date for filing Vermont income tax returns, which is April 15 this year. When homeowners file their declaration, the town is then able to apply the correct education property tax rate to the property. If the property owner does not file a Homestead Declaration by the deadline or by the extended deadline of October 15 (penalties apply after April 15), then the property will be taxed at the higher property tax rate.


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