Vermont Health Connect Special Enrollment Period for Health Insurance

VIDEO: Health Insurance and Access to Health Care. On April 30, Annalee Beaulieu of the Office of the Health Care Advocate at Vermont Legal Aid answered questions about health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and access to health care. Watch the video on Facebook or YouTube.

NEWSYou may be eligible for new financial help for health insurance — including not having to pay back extra Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC) you got in 2020

Updated 10/20/2021

Special Enrollment Period if you lose your insurance

If you lose your job-based insurance at any time of the year, you may have a Special Enrollment Period of 60 days to get onto a Vermont Health Connect planLearn more.

How to sign up:

  • Go to the Vermont Health Connect website.
  • Review the Qualified Health Plan brochures to see plan information like deductibles and premiums.
  • Enter some family and income information into the Plan Comparison Tool to see what kind of financial help you can get to pay the premiums. It will tell you your estimated total monthly cost for a plan.
  • Enter the income you expect to earn for the year.
  • When you apply, you will also be automatically screened to see if you are eligible for Medicaid.
  • Apply online or over the phone.

If you need help:

Are you now eligible for Medicaid?

You can apply for Medicaid at any time. If you are making less money or no money, it makes sense to see if you are now eligible for Medicaid. Learn more on our Medicaid pages.

Learn about the Vermont Health Connect open enrollment period

Open enrollment for 2022 health plans starts November 1, 2021. Learn more.


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