More Medicaid Dental Coverage & Free Cleanings in 2020

Graphic that says 2020 VT Medicaid dental coverage $1000 plus free cleanings

January 10, 2020

This year a Vermont law gives Medicaid members more dental coverage. All Vermont Medicaid members now get $1,000 of dental coverage per year. Also, two cleanings and two preventive dental exams are free and don’t count towards your $1,000 cap. Vermont Medicaid covers cleanings, x-rays, fillings and other services to keep your teeth healthy.

There is no cap on medically necessary dental care for Vermonters under 21 or pregnant Vermonters.

There is also a change to the copays. Now, up to two cleanings and two preventive dental exams are free ($0 copay) each year. Usually, dental visits have a $3 copay for Medicaid members. Vermonters under 21 years old and pregnant Vermonters never pay a copay with Medicaid.

Here is the list of dental care that may qualify for a $0 copay:

  • Cleanings
  • Fluoride application
  • Periodic oral exams
  • Tobacco counseling

X-rays, fillings and other covered dental services still have a $3 copay, unless you are pregnant or under 21 years old.

Need help finding a dentist that takes Medicaid? Need other help using your Medicaid dental coverage? Visit the Medicaid section of our website or contact the Office of the Health Care Advocate at 1-800-917-7787 or

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