Do You Rent? The Renter Rebate Deadline is October 15.

September 13, 2018

Most people submit a Vermont Renter Rebate Claim when they file their taxes in April. But if you didn’t do it yet, it’s not too late.

October 15, 2018, is the final deadline for a Renter Rebate Claim for 2017. The renter rebate is a tax credit. You must have paid rent in Vermont for all 12 months of the tax year. You must have been a legal resident of Vermont for the whole tax year. You must have a low enough income to get the credit. You can’t be somebody else’s dependent, and only one member of the household can claim the credit.

Learn more about the renter rebate and find the right forms on our website.

Image of top part of the Vermont Renter Rebate Claim form


Updated: Sep 17, 2018